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Project Terry

Operation Enduring Gratitude (OEG) gathers volunteers, partners, and sponsors to complete Project Terry in Mesa, AZ. Terry served in the United States Army for __ years, retiring as a ____ in ____. It is our mission to help ___. 

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Bands of law enforcement, first responders, veterans and volunteers came together in the sweltering morning heat and sang “God Bless the USA.”

Among the crowd stood homeowner Gean LeVar, the widow of a Navy veteran, who was witnessing the unveiling of her home after an 18-month renovation.

The white home, which had American flags strewn along the trim and streamers wrapped around the columns, was LeVar’s childhood home and where she lived with her husband. After her husband died in January 2021, the house was condemned and the nonprofit Operation Enduring Gratitude stepped in to assist LeVar.

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