Operation Ramp Up:

To provide large concrete “Access MObility ramps”

They are Affectionally known as ( AMO Ramps, #AMORamps, #AMMORamps) for mobility impaired or restricted Veterans.

Both service-connected and none service connected impaired Veterans are encouraged to apply.





Paint the Barn:

Provide exterior home painting to express our community's gratitude to our local veterans service to our country.

Crown Jewel:

Veteran Extreme Home MakeOver

Ramp Up 2016, July

#RampUp 2016, July

our mission is to provide year-round services, along with two large annual volunteer events the Saturday prior to Independence Day as well as the Saturday prior to Veterans day, utilizing local supporters, industry leaders, university volunteers and more to serve our mobility restricted Veteran Community. Installation of these “AMO Ramps” at our Veterans homes will restore a safe, stress-free arrival and departure to and from their homes. We will succeed, where all other options have failed and funds are not unavailable.We are the only Veteran Support Organization ( VSO ) Arizona that provides this type of service at no cost to our Veterans. Will you join us?

Our ramp expenses on average hover between $2500.00 / $3500.00

to date, we have provided 15 ramps interestingly We have doubled our ramp productions every year since our foundation started April 28 2014, in 2017 we installed 8 ramps, with two more little ones pending.

The goal of Operation Enduring Gratitude for 2018 will be the installation of 16 "AMO ramps"


Here is one thank you note

" Thank you to each and every one who brought more accessibility for a wheelchair to the home of Robert Sand, 6136 W. Fairmount, on Saturday, Nov. 4, as you installed a whole new cement area to their front door.  This is much more than Robert envisioned when he said "yes" to this project at his home.  This group of veterans of the Operation Enduring Gratitude removed the entire old area of the front porch down to the dirt and then proceeded to pour cement to raise the entire level of the area to the threshold of the front door.  And then they continued down the walkway to the driveway with new cement also.  What a blessing this project is to Robert and wife, Barbara.   They are so grateful.  They are without internet access at this point, but Barbara will try and use the P. O. box number of OEG in which to express their thanks. They especially respected the work of the cement finisher worker named Fernando.  He stayed until the completed project met his qualifications for a job well done.  This is just another reason why the Faith and Justice Initiative Project enhances the lives of Maryvale area residents. It was my involvement with this group which made this information available to my congregation.  There is so much goodness, kindness, and respect for one another that can occur when we all work together to solve problems and concerns, especially in the Maryvale area.  Thank you once more, Charlie, for your direct involvement in helping the Wheel Chair Ramp Project to be completed in the homes of our veterans.

Dolores Charlesworth, member of St. Paul Lutheran Church-6301 W. Indian School Road "


And Another

" We are so very appreciative to Charlie Ellis, Operation Enduring Gratitude, and all of the volunteers who donated their time and efforts in constructing a wheelchair ramp at our home. My husband, Tom Sherman, serviced in the Marine Corp from 1960-1965. He retired from the Arizona State Forestry after more than 30 years as shop supervisor and working on wildland fires. In August of this year, he had to have his right leg amputated. It has been a challenge for him to gain back his independence. This ramp is a huge step forward him, as he has not been able to leave the house without assistance. Thank you, Operation Enduring Gratitude, for a superior job, well done, and for all the other veterans you have helped and will help in the future.  "


And Another


" My brother in law Rick is a Vietnam Vet and was shot in the leg while serving our Country. On March 25th which was Good Friday my brother-in-law was coming home from a doctor appointment when he was hit from behind from a 26 year-old guy that was driving 90 miles an hour. Upon impact, Rick’s van flipped several times sending him on to a major highway and his spine was almost severed. Since the accident, he had surgery and rehabilitation but he still can’t feel below his waist and he will probably never walk again. During this time, his wife Vicki was receiving a chemo treatment because she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was unable to be with him a lot of the times during his stay because of her treatments and also being sick as a result of the chemo. I felt helpless being so far away and I wanted to do whatever I could to help them.

One day, I was speaking with one of my co-workers in the lunchroom and asked her if she knew anyone that would offers assistance to a veteran. During our conversation, I explained what happened and how they needed things fixed in their house to accommodate him when he comes home. She indicated that she would look into it and would let me know. About a week later, she sent me an e-mail with information about Charlie Ellis from Operation Enduring Gratitude. I contacted Charlie and we talked on the phone and as a result of the call, I gave him my sister’s contact information. Charlie called her and told her that Operation Enduring Gratitude was going to pay for a ramp for their house and have it ready for when Rick comes home. My sister was beside herself with emotion and appreciation that this was going to be done for Rick. Charlie and Operation Enduring Gratitude arrived at their house on July 2 at 6:30 AM ready to go to work! They pulled up all of the current sidewalks up and laid a new concrete ramp.

I was so overwhelmed when I saw it happening on Facebook and I cannot express how much this meant to Rick, Vicki and myself to have Charlie and Operation Enduring Gratitude not only install the ramp but also cover the cost. Rick is retired and Vicki had to retire because of his accident so as you can imagine money is an issue and this is one less thing they have to worry about. They still have a lot more things to do but at least she can get him in and out of the house.

My family and I want to thank Holly for taking the time to reach out to her contacts and find such a wonderful organization and a “BIG” thank you to Charlie and all of the volunteers that took time out of their busy schedule to help someone they didn’t even know. You made a difference in their lives.   "



volunteers video



News links:



Fox 10 news:

http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/new-driveway-poured-for-veteran-in-need  November 4th 2017


https://youtu.be/KOFra2gXFKk  July 2nd  2016


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